Our highly experienced team of qualified  engineers can promptly supply a full range of reports from a desktop assessment or physical inspection.  We aim to inspect within 24hrs of instruction at most locations i.e , home, workplace, repairer, recovery and salvage agents. In order to minimise any disruption to the client we will endeavour to view at the most convenient or practical location.

The required images and desired report notes are taken whilst on site then electronically forwarded to our office for processing and quality control.  Our engineers provide a full spectrum of reports ranging from accident damage assessments, to mechanical failure investigation.

Whilst our reports are all based on standard tried and tested formats, we are more than willing to discuss any bespoke needs on a one to one basis. please feel free to make further enquiries  on the services we are able to provide.

Our Key Services

Accident Damage Assessments

These are usually physical but can be completed desktop with sufficient information provided. Engineers inspect vehicles at repairers, home addresses and work places to provide an accurate repair cost and determine if these are economically viable.

Vehicle Valuations

Following inspection of the vehicle, our engineers will assess the value of a vehicle based on the make, model, extras, history, mileage etc and provide a report for use by insurer’s or for litigation purposes.

Consistency Report

We are able to provide these reports via desktop, after physical inspection or a combination of both.

Desktop Reporting

Desk top reporting

This service is invaluable under several formats when it is not possible to physically inspect the vehicle due to various circumstances .  We are able to negotiate costs, authorise repairs, approve supplementary costs, final accounts, repairer account auditing and in certain circumstances provide desktop valuation.

Post Repair Inspections

Post repair inspections

We provide this service to insurers and private individuals.A physical examination by one of our experienced engineers can determine,if estimated parts have been fitted,the repairs have been carried out to a commercially acceptable standard. Additionally we can provide mediation when the quality or extent of repair is disputed. With a growing number of insurance total losses being repaired by owners and returning to use in addition to an MOT many insurers now require an independent engineer to examine the vehicle prior to re-instatement of cover.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure

This can be a very contentious area. 

Whilst mechanical failure is not normally covered within the terms of motor insurance the resultant damage can be with many mechanical warranties failing to pay out due to wear and tear a physical inspection by one of our engineers can be beneficial in upholding a claim.

Other Services

Whilst vehicle damage assessment is the core business we also offer a number of other services to compliment our business giving our clients the full support they deserve in the claims process.  Below are some examples, should you require something more bespoke please call us to discuss your requirements.
Although the repairs may have been carried out to a commercially acceptable standard, the fact remains that this vehicle’s original bodyshell/chassis could have suffered distortion and repairs, thus the original integrity of shell has been altered/repaired. The paintwork can also be considered to be not original. Should the vehicle then be offered for sale, it would be a moral obligation to inform any potential purchaser that the vehicle had been involved in a road traffic accident and had suffered extensive repairs as a result of a road traffic accident.  

It will be appreciated that the owner of such a vehicle will have two reasonable ways in which to dispose of the vehicle, namely, into the motor trade or into the private sector. It is without doubt that attempts to sell the car to the motor trade will result in detection of the repair work. In view of the increasing trend for prospective buyers to employ qualified engineers to inspect vehicles prior to purchase, it is also likely that difficulties will be encountered if the vehicle is offered to the private sector.
Low Velocity Impacts are often closely coupled to forensic examination, we are instructed by insurers and solicitors to inspect vehicles for signs of impact. Quite often we are looking for very minor signs of impact where no specific panel deformation has been noted. Our engineers will take measurements and look in detail for signs of paintwork stressing and transfer of materials between the vehicles involved.   

Quite often we have found that due to modern bumpers being designed to deform and retract upon impact, physical external damage is not evident however the inner structure has been affected as a resultant effect. It is therefore very important the correct detailed examination takes place.
Our engineers can physically visit the accident site (locus).   

Taking exact measurements of the road, surrounding obstacles, any salient distances (point of view), traffic restrictions and details of how the traffic flows through the area. Images of the scene, showing views from the claimant, defendant, witness and any other relevant views.   

Physical inspection of the locus can be a huge benefit as many on line satellite maps are not completely up to date omitting vital evidence such as change in road layout, markings and speed limits.
We usually provide this service to members of the public who are intending to purchase a used vehicle and require the reassurance of an independent qualified engineers inspection.   

Around 90% of used vehicle have at least one fault be this minor or major rectification of faults can range from a few hundred into several thousands. As most used warranties cover many major parts they usually only cover direct component failure and not general wear and tear, clutches are a typical example. Vehicle history checks are readily available such as Experian and HPI. These only identify vehicles that have been recorded by an insurance company as a total loss or subject to a major claim ie theft.   

Examination by one of our engineers can identify poor previous repairs which could be the result of damage that has not been recorded as a claim ie fault accident vehicle only insured third party. We offer a range of services in this area, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.
This service is specific for principals who have approved repairers usually working to contractual obligations. we are able to send engineers into a repairer to evaluate premises, operations, working practice, methods and standard of repairs etc. Whilst we can provide our own format of report for this subject, experience has proven in order ensure the specific criteria some insurers require it can often be best practice for a bespoke report/format to be agreed prior to audit.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.
A contentious area, issues surrounding paintwork can fall into several criteria.

Warranty(subsequent failure or defects occurring post manufacture or repair), poor quality repairs, contamination as a result of malicious or fall out damage.

Inspection by one of our qualified engineers can usually determine causation and remedial action required. Please contact us to discuss the specifics in depth.
Early examination of the vehicle is of critical importance, this prevents any evidence being disturbed or tampered with. The movement to storage or salvage can affect the results of an inspection especially if the vehicle is stored outside leaving it open to the elements. We will inspect a vehicle and examine for the seat/root of the combustion wherever possible. Extensively damaged vehicles may require in depth forensics.
There are several formats that can be undertaken , whilst we prefer to carry out physical examinations this is not always possible hence we would usually apply the best methods possible according to circumstances. Contact us to discuss specifics or for further information.